2016 Town of Clifton Forge Council Goals

  1. Work to make better communication a top priority using a variety of methods. Continue Council-Approved Council Corner Articles, Public Hearings, Press Releases.
  1. Promote and implement Tax Exemption Program developed by Clifton Forge, Covington, Alleghany County and Iron Gate.
  1. Continue to support efforts for long-range strategic planning for the town of Clifton Forge and set up reports throughout the year from the following:
    1. Receive regular updates from AH Economic Development Corporation
    2. Updates by Planning Commission
    3. Updates by AH Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
    4. Updates by Clifton Forge Main Street
    5. EDA
    6. Armory
    7. Library
    8. Intergovernmental Committee
    9. Citizen Advisory Committee
    10. Clifton Forge School of the Arts
    11. Masonic Theatre Complex
    12. Alleghany Highlands Arts and Crafts Center
  1. Continue efforts to market town-owned properties by working with Economic Development, Main Street and through online and social media. Market Clifton Forge as a great place to relocate through online and social media efforts.
  1. Continue to promote clean-up efforts by the Town.
    1. Support Town Employees, charitable organizations, and endorse non-profit groups who have the improvement and beautification of the Town as a primary goal. Review and adopt ordinances that are consistent with clean-up efforts.
    2. Support Code enforcement
    3. Support Vision 2025 Corridor Curb Appeal Initiatives and encourage more citizen involvement.
    4. Support Beyond the Corridor Recognition
  1. Ensure that adequate time and focus is available for the three-year Roxbury project.
  1. Continue ongoing efforts to establish Amtrak Depot in the area of C&O Heritage Center.
  1. Develop a high school student internship program for selected students to work with Public Works during the summer.
  1. Support new development efforts by the Town and continue to encourage a more proactive AH Chamber marketing plan focusing on the coordination of marketing Town events that involve tourism assets such as C&O, Masonic Theatre Complex, AH Arts & Crafts Center, Armory and CFSOTA events through web sites and social media. Market and promote the grand reopening of the Masonic Theatre. Encourage Town tourism organizations to market and promote together.
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